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How to get rid of birds nesting in eaves

How to get rid of birds nesting in eaves No matter where ever you live, you always have to encounter the presence of various kinds of birds around you. Sometimes, these birds can be the problem creators as they would poop in your porch, patio or garage or they might build up their nests on your roof or in the eaves. Other than this, their presence can create more messy situations all well. Among all these, birds’ nesting in your eaves would be the biggest problem for you. Several birds like; swift, blue tit, jackdaw, house sparrows, swallow and starling could be commonly found making their nests in eaves. This may create a noisy environment and also an untidy place by littering the nesting material and the feces of those birds.

How to exterminate birds from nesting in your eaves:

Various techniques may contribute towards the action of hindering the birds from setting their nests in your eaves:

Cleaning the eaves:
Frequent and thorough cleaning of your eaves could keep the birds restricted to make their nests in your eaves. In this way, if birds ever try to make their nests, they wouldn’t be successful in doing so due to your cleaning the eave.

Bird repellent sprays:
After cleaning the eave, it is recommended to spray it with the bird repellent sprays so that birds wouldn't be able to set their nests over there as they will stay away from eaves.

Covering the eave area:
Covering the under-roof area of your house with net or sheets of some other material could work as the hinder in the way of birds making their nests at that place.

Filling the extra holes:
Birds probably make their nests in the extra or opened holes in your eaves, these holes may also be the gutters under your roof. Covering or filling these holes properly would help you get rid of birds nesting in your eaves.

Installing coils:
Coils are the needle-like objects the same as the bird spikes that are installed in the eaves under the roof due to which birds could not have any access to make their nests in the eaves.

Cleaning away the debris:
To prevent birds to make their nests in your eaves, you should clear all the debris from your home or the places around your homes, because the material of this debris is used by the birds to build up their homes.

Spraying chili pepper:
A homemade spray can be utilized as the bird repellent; this spray is composed of any type of oil, chili pepper and cayenne pepper. Spraying this mixture on the eaves can keep the birds away from nesting there.

Making slopes steeper:
Slops that are not so steep are considered as the safe places for the birds to make their nests. So making the slopes of your eaves steeper can lessen the chances of birds to make their nests there.

Birds may love nesting in your eaves as it is a safe place for them to roost and make their families, but it is not difficult to get rid of them to nest in your eave. Many methods can result beneficial in this regard. The most effective ones are mentioned above, following them is hoped to solve this problem.

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