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Opossum Predators: What Animals Eat Opossums?

Opossum Predators: What Animals Eat Opossums? Opossums are minor around cat size animals. Every animal has some natural predators. In the same way, opossums have various predators. The Major threats to opossums occur from domestic animals. Dog and cat are a real threat to opossums. However, opossums face more threats form wild animals such as fox and wolf. These animals easily prey upon opossums and chew their flesh. In addition to these animals, flying birds such as the eagle and creeping animals like snakes also hunt on opossums. The biggest predator to the opossum, however, is a human being.

Consequently, opossums experience numerous threats. They live in a precarious situation. To avoid these life-threatening victors, opossums discover a safe place and dig deep holes to live there. Nevertheless, the search for food and water exposes them to these intimidating animals. Following are the major opossum predators.

Human Being a Natural Predator to Opossum
One of the biggest threats to opossum is a human being. An opossum enters your garden to harm fruits, plants and flowers. It also spreads fatal diseases. Therefore, human beings dislike opossum entry into living places and around the backyard. To get rid of opossum, human beings adopt various humane and violent methods. Thus, human beings are the most alarming threat to opossums.

Domestic Cats
Although cats and opossums almost have the same size, yet cats attack them. Cats have sharp paws which help them hit opossums in the eyes. In this way, cats not only blind opossums but prey upon them. Cats often defeat opossum in the fight because they have piercing paws and sharp teeth. Moreover, the skin of opossums happens to be sensitive to any attack. Hence, cats overpower them.

The opossum also has to deal with another predator called coyotes. These are large animals that feed on various rodents. Opossums are small, hence, easy to be preyed upon by coyotes. Opossums are active during nighttime, so coyotes attack them when they come out of the den. Coyotes kill opossums with sharp claws.

Foxes victor many preys. To gratify their hunger fox prey upon hares, rats, mice, raccoons and opossums. Foxes usually eat meat, so they are always on their way to hunt animals. They can target young and adult opossums. Mostly fox roams in groups to capture prey. A single fox can slaughter many opossums.

Furthermore, wolves are bitter foes of opossums. Wolves are carnivorous. They target different animals. Opossums are no exception to them. When there is a chance for a wolf to kill an opossum, it takes full advantage of the opportunity. A wolf often searches opossums efficiently by sensing its odor. Opossums have a very odd smell which invites predators.

To conclude, every creature has some natural predators. Opossums also have many natural enemies that include human beings, wild cats, wolves, foxes, coyotes and owls. They often easily catch opossums easily. However, over the years, opossums have also grown wise. They sense danger and hide in burrows. They only come out of dens in search of food and water. Moreover, they select a comfortable dwelling place.

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